Friday, April 8, 2011

Words from a Stranger

How long do you have to go without posting before becoming a stranger? I'm not sure, but apparently I'm trying to figure it out.

There's alot going on in my little world lately and somehow all my projects got pushed to the side. And now I've got a blog without new posts and a husband agitated that our half painted dresser is still sitting on our porch.. half painted.. and taking up the porch.. for week number too-many-to-admit (also known as 3.5).

But I do have some exciting things going on over here.

I've been working hard on a new project lately, and I can't wait to tell you all about it. Just. not. yet. But soon! I can tell you it's awesome. And something I'm totally passionate about. And I can't wait to share it.

Alas, for some exciting news that I can tell you about.. I was featured as the Budget Decorating Blog of the Week!!! Check it out! Craziness. I'm so grateful.

And even more exciting news.. I payed off my very last credit card payment! Like last one. Period. $0 debt from credit cards. Wahoooo! (That wahooo does no justice for the squeeling that went on for probably too long after making that payment. Or the squeeling that went on when it finally processed and there was a big fat ZERO Dollars on the screen!)

For that my friends, I will be having a glass.. err.. bottle of wine, paid for in cash, to celebrate. And then maybe I'll get to that dresser..

Have a lovely weekend!

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