Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Over Thanksgiving when my family was in town, my mom and I stopped at a few thrift stores in search of the perfect chair for my desk. And we found it! It's a little wooden chair, originally made in Sweden. It was all of $7.

It needs a little love..

and wood glue, but it has the perfect rustic look I love.

We also picked up a fake flower arrangement

 But don't worry, the fake flowers were quickly tossed (much to Mom's dismay) and my remotes found the home they've been looking for (rather than between the couch cushions).

Friday, December 10, 2010

Frames Galore

The wall above the cabinet in my woman cave / living room (above) was inspired from this shot in a Pottery Barn catalog:
 I was originally thinking I would do something like this in our bedroom, so I've been on the search for mirrors and frames for some time now. It wasn't until I reorganized the cabinet so that I could stow all my crafts, that I realized I needed something on the wall above. And I then I thought the frames would look perfect there instead of the bedroom.

I'm still waiting for the perfect idea to put into these frames, for now they're empty.. yet I still love them!

I love love books. I made sure I carefully picked out a few of my favorite books and a few books that I feel describe me at the moment. Dreams, Lithuanian, Tuscany, Running, Marriage, the World...

And some knick knacks I picked up at the thrift store a while back.

I'm loving it all so much right now, it makes the living room so much more homey!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Preparation

Along with crossing off my new [wo]man cave and Radiate Love sign off my list in preparation for Thanksgiving. There were a handful of other little changes our casa saw.

I tried to spice up the Dining Room table, which was previously empty. I picked up a wooden tray from T.J. Maxx some time ago, then some balls from Pier 1. 

I finally redecorated the mantle. More on that later, but here's a sneak peak. 

We hung the mirror that used to be on the mantle in our bedroom.

I tried to find ways to decorate the guest room man cave that I'm not allowed to decorate (that's not decorated). A yellow plant in a Jack Daniel's bottle did the trick (and the Mr. actually liked it!).

With the rest of those flowers I threw them in an old wine glass and put it in the bathroom. I covered it with burlap because I can't figure out how to get the label off.

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