Monday, November 22, 2010

My Woman Cave

Ever since we moved in to the new apartment, the hubs was slowly claiming more and more of our guest room. Our guest room was eventually renamed The Playboy Room. And then the hubs slowly became more and more territorial of his playboy room. I slowly lost more and more desk real estate until his playboy room became his man cave.  However, don't fret. I made my own woman cave in which there is an invisible line that the hubs is not allowed to cross. (Rant's over, I promise)

And here's a little [embarrassing] before of my soon to be woman cave!

Now I'm sure you're thinking, Come On.. no one keeps their house like this. Embarrassingly enough, we did. This is immediately when you walk up the stairs from the little entrance downstairs. So Tomas normally threw his gym bag right there and I'd toss my running shoes and equipment off there.  Plus, as you can see below this was where my filing cabinet / everything else that didn't have a home went. Including the yoga mat that I was no longer allowed to keep in the guest-room-turned-playboy-room. And that abs roller that Tomas swares he uses, that I have only seen him use once since he got it -- the first day he got it.

And now:
I am in love with how the wall turned out (another post on that coming). So why am I considering this part of my woman cave? Well, that trunk and the baskets in the cabinet are neatly organized with all of my crafts / art supplies / tools that I couldn't figure out where to put!  Along with my books that I wasn't allowed to put on the bookshelf in the guest room my hubby's playboy room.

I guilt-tripped him for turning my guest room into a playboy room sweetly convinced Tomas to hand over some closet real estate in the playboy room for the filing cabinet so that I can have my own desk and area.  And now, I have my own woman cave! Tomas is not allowed on the right side of the stairs!  

I picked up the desk from a thrift store and re-furnished it, more on that in another post as well!


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