Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Burlap Monogram

So I promised myself I would do nothing but rest and relax this weekend. That's exactly what I did. And I did it by shopping for all things craft! Now I have supplies for about 4 or 5 different projects I've got down the pipeline. The best thing I found this weekend was a DESK!! Finally! I've been on the hunt for a desk to create "my space", since the MR. has acquired the entire guest bedroom / office as his man cave. And a vintage, white, distressed desk is the perfect way start to that. Only, the cheap desk I picked up at the thrift store is just old. But, some may call those dents and stickers that only a 5 year old would make distressing, right? Either way, that's in the works now. More coming later.

Besides creating my own non-man cave, I'm still focused on the bedroom re initial-do. I happened on the perfect rug this weekend at World Market. (I couldn't find it online for here..) If only it was 30$ instead of 400$ it would be in laying so happily in my bedroom now. However, it did give me a better idea of what I'm looking for (something that looks exactly like the WM rug, just cheaper). The hunt for a nice and cheap duvet cover is also still on. Besides those 2 main missing pieces, I've found on peoples blogs come up with quite a few ideas for decor. I'm still loving this sign. I'm also thinking a distressed wooden ladder would look delightful. (If only I knew how to find one three). On another note, my search for a linen duvet, led me to fall in love with burlap, everything burlap. Then my newest burlap obsession led me here, and I thought how PERFECT! I actually stumbled on this post first, then found the latter.  That brings me to today. I have just successfully hung my own burlap monograms above our bed, and it looks so lovely, I am so in LOVE! The MR. even thought it was impressive, which is saying something! Here's the after, I'll post a how-to in the next coming days! [Update: Here's the How-To Post]


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