Friday, December 10, 2010

Frames Galore

The wall above the cabinet in my woman cave / living room (above) was inspired from this shot in a Pottery Barn catalog:
 I was originally thinking I would do something like this in our bedroom, so I've been on the search for mirrors and frames for some time now. It wasn't until I reorganized the cabinet so that I could stow all my crafts, that I realized I needed something on the wall above. And I then I thought the frames would look perfect there instead of the bedroom.

I'm still waiting for the perfect idea to put into these frames, for now they're empty.. yet I still love them!

I love love books. I made sure I carefully picked out a few of my favorite books and a few books that I feel describe me at the moment. Dreams, Lithuanian, Tuscany, Running, Marriage, the World...

And some knick knacks I picked up at the thrift store a while back.

I'm loving it all so much right now, it makes the living room so much more homey!

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