Monday, October 25, 2010

Personalizing your Space

I read an article some time ago, I don't remember where now, about how to make your bedroom romantic and to keep it cozy, you should have touches of both of you. So I've been trying to find decor that represents Tomas along with decor that represents myself. Tomas has a slight obsession with boats of all types. In fact, a few weeks ago he walked in the door with a huge smile on his face all excited to show me what he had bought. He pulled out a decorative boat and a big chest with the map of a world on it. Much like these:

At first I cringed. How do these things go with Hydrangeas and the grey that I love so much? But after a few days I grew to love them. They actually go quite well with the look I want to create. They have a vintage feel. Plus, they so represent Tomas. Everytime I see them I think of him and smile. It wasn't until then that I understood how having pieces representing both of you in a room makes it so cozy, and romantic at the same time. Right now they are in our living room, but I'm thinking of using the boat in the bedroom for T's "piece".

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