Sunday, March 6, 2011

Final Touches for the Desk, and your help!

After seeing it on my to-do list for months, I've finally picked up a piece of glass to cover my desk. Every time I would write at the desk, I felt like I was making grooves into the wood. Hence the need for the glass.

Along with that I lined the drawers. After some fabric and modge podge and here she is as of now:

I'm still waiting for that lightbulb moment on how to organize all my to-do lists with the other half of the wood I used for my Via Carducci sign, so we can stop looking like this:

The last big thing for my woman cave (for now) is my thrifted chair.

I can't decide on what to do with it. I've thought about leaving it mostly as is and painting something on the seat.. maybe a vintage, french stamp emblem, with a story like Donna did.

Then I also like these simple, classic black chairs. But I'm thinking a darker shade of gray to go with the white desk.

I'm also loving this Anthropologie Garvey Chair.  I can see Beige / White Fabric? Paint the chair grey? Red inspirational words? Or maybe Turquoise words?

"Dream. Achieve. Live. Believe. Reach. Push. Change" or "Be the change you want to see" repeating itself? Or maybe we can stick with Nike, and have a repeating "Just Do it". Can you picture it?

And the of course I could also reupholster it.. of course... gray fabric! At first I wasn't even considering this. Because, well I've never reupholstered anything. But also because I love me some natural wood. But the more time passes, the more it's growing on me. How gorgeous is this chair? 

So many options, so many decisions to make. What do you think? Are there any other options I'm missing? What would you do?!? Help!


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