Friday, February 11, 2011

My printer loves burlap too

Remember the beginning of my burlap obsession? I saw this laundry sign in the midst of that burlap frenzy and just loved it. A burlap sign has been on my to do list ever since. Only after my first attempt with stenciling did I realize that to stencil a sign with that many words would be misery. And I never have freezer paper and always forget to pick it up. But only last week when I was oogling Stephanie Lynn's sunburst mirror did I learn that you can print directly on fabric with your inkjet printer with just glue, fabric and a piece of paper. And me oh my, how excited I was that I didn't have to make a trip to the store.

Off the wall came one of the three lonely frames that I hung without pictures in my living room. I used spray adhesive to glue muslin fabric to a piece of paper. I sprayed a bit too much adhesive, but it was ok because I would be cutting out the middle to fit a 4x6 frame.

I downloaded a free stamp-look-a-like font, and printed out "Live". It turned out perfectly.

So perfectly that it just had to go on my mantle with my new sunburst mirror instead of back on the wall of frames.

Next up, printing on burlap for that sign I've been wanting in the bathroom ;)

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  1. You paste the fabric to the paper and then print on it? WOW! and this doesn't bother the printer?

    Is this how people use a Silloutte or Cricut with fabric?

    I'm in awe!


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